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Friday, February 17, 2012

To Preform

I go to a preforming arts high school. I've been going there for three years. I went to sing and act... well let's just say that I don't sing anymore. But last year dancing became my life and I now dance and act. I work tech on shows in the theater department, And take two after school dance classes. As well as dance classes everyday as part of my normal class schedule. I love my school, we eat lunch during class or in the hallways, we have no lockers, and we take dance, theater, drawing, painting, sculpture, book arts, Shakespeare, script writing, ceramics, computer animation, and film classes. These are only some of the classes that are offered not including our core classes.  My first year here they built a theater complete with seating for 400, a full floor of catwalks, and a black box. I wouldn't trade my three years at my school for anything in the world. When we first walked into the theater the principle said that this theater is our living room and the school our home. We must treat is as such. Welcome home.

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  1. That is so cool!!! I want to go to an art school! I am a ballerina! I wish my school district had that option!