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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fred Astaire

If you are a dancer hopefully you know who Fred Astaire is or was. He was one of the most famous dancer in the movies and on vaudeville. He was talented, and in too many movies to count. At my school, in the tap room there is a picture of him on the wall, this picture and every time I see it I feel that I am following his foot steps. But so far only his very first steps. I wish I could of met Fred Astaire or people that knew him. Fred Astaire I salute you.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Because I am on pre-pointe the thought of being on pointe occupies my every thought. Pointe is the dream of all girls who take ballet, the goal of all who dance. My friend is on pointe and though I am jealous I know that she is great. I believe that she will be up there someday. I wish that I was on pointe, pointe is something that even non-dancer look at and find beautiful and unnatural. A woman standing on her toes? How bazaar yet beautiful.

Monday, February 20, 2012

What is the song of your soul?

Last semester in my theater class one of the projects we had to do was show the class the real us, the us with all of our masks dropped. We did that by finding a song that we just loved and rocked our world. Then we had to do something to that song. Some people in the class sang the song, one even beat boxed to his song. I, being a dancer choreographed to my song. Which was Be Ok by Ingrid Michealson. I loved this project because I really saw the real me and realness of everyone in that class. You could see the masks drop. So let me ask you, What is the song of your soul?

Friday, February 17, 2012

To Preform

I go to a preforming arts high school. I've been going there for three years. I went to sing and act... well let's just say that I don't sing anymore. But last year dancing became my life and I now dance and act. I work tech on shows in the theater department, And take two after school dance classes. As well as dance classes everyday as part of my normal class schedule. I love my school, we eat lunch during class or in the hallways, we have no lockers, and we take dance, theater, drawing, painting, sculpture, book arts, Shakespeare, script writing, ceramics, computer animation, and film classes. These are only some of the classes that are offered not including our core classes.  My first year here they built a theater complete with seating for 400, a full floor of catwalks, and a black box. I wouldn't trade my three years at my school for anything in the world. When we first walked into the theater the principle said that this theater is our living room and the school our home. We must treat is as such. Welcome home.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

To: Laura Timmins

Dear Laura Timmins,
 This is for you. You are an amazing actor, artist, and so on. Today, as I type this you are auditioning for a play and you are nervous, unsure, and you think you are not ready. But let me tell you that you are as ready as you will ever be. And I'm sure that you will blow them away. So, chin up. And recite the monologue that we know you know so well. Good Luck! Knock them dead!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Disneyland has always been one of my favorite places on earth. I mean, it's called the happiest place on earth for a reason. I haven't been there for many years, but when I was little my Dad worked there meaning that my entire family loves the place. If you look in our living room we have eight pictures of  Mickey Mouse, and one of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. I have three sibling, three of the four of us, when we grow up want to work on Disneyland. I am a dancer and I want to work as a character, or a dancer in the parades. Disneyland is a place that brings so much joy to me. I love it! My Dad, when he was my age he would go with his friends to Disneyland on the weekends. He grew up with it, and has taught us that Disneyland really is magic.http://images.wikia.com/disney/images/9/9c/SBC50.jpg  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This I how I Got Into Dance:
When I was in sixth grade I had to take an Intro to Dance class. And at that time I didn't want to dance, not at all. But halfway through the semester the teacher asked who wanted to move up to The Beginning dance class. I said yes, thinking maybe it would be an easy A. By the end of that semester I had fallen in love with the idea of dancing. and I got in to the Beginning dance class. One and a half years later Dance is my life. I owe everything to the dance teacher that introduced me to this way of life. I thank you Mr. W.